Sunrise in Heaven (2019)

When you watch Sunrise in Heaven, you may be a little disappointed that the story is told through flashbacks from the past to the present. It is a sad story on both fronts since the past is about overcoming forbidden love, while the present is set in a hospital where one of the main characters is on their death bed. 

This format of storytelling isn’t for everyone, myself included. However, I fell in love with our young couple, Jan (Caylee Cowen) and Steve (Travis Burns). They had instant chemistry that overflowed with charm. I really liked them as a pair and was rooting for them to turn her stern dad, played by Corbin Bernsen. 

The production team did a great job bringing us back to the 1960s and into the stereotypes of the period. Men had to court girls before dating and marriage. The writers also hammered home the fact that most dads disapprove of their daughters dating anyone in the military. Those boys definitely have a terrible repetition, but not everyone is cut from the same cloth. 

The present time is a little bit sober. After a car accident, one of the main characters is on life support. This part of the story focuses on praying and lack of answers from God. The past may have its moments of hate and heartbreak, but the present is filled with anger and more heartbreak since someone has to say goodbye. 

Sunrise in Heaven is based on a book. Despite the way things turned out, this couple managed to make it through all the hardships life threw at them in the beginning and lived happily ever after for over 50 years. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially after spending a whole lifetime together. But when you stop and think about how it all started, you can always smile and appreciate all the great memories you shared together. 6/10

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