Pitching Love and Catching Faith (2015)

I’m a sucker for baseball and romance movies. This one was a grand slam from the beginning since it featured both of my favourite things in the storyline. 

Whenever I join a streaming service or look for something to watch, I usually start with sports and work my way from there. I came across Pitching Love and Catching Faith and wondered what magic this would be.

I thought this movie was charming from start to finish. I got behind our two leads as they stumbled through their friendship, which blossomed into an unexpected romance. Heather (Lala Kent) and Tyler (Derick Boone) are highly competitive ballplayers who have entirely different views on love. Despite the fact they are no match for each other, the ball diamond will bring them closer together. 

Some may watch this film and say that our main characters had no chemistry. I would love to have that debate since I could see the sparks fly every time they looked at each other. Of course, neither of them was willing to budge from their personal stances in regards to love, but that just added more joy to watch them not coexist. 

Even though I had no clue who Kent or Booner was, I got invested in their performances and wanted to see how their story would play out. I think if anyone else had been cast in this role, I might not have felt the same. This has nothing to do with their physical appearances, I just felt like these two were believable characters and struggled to make things work like everyone else. They are elite athletes, but that isn’t the point. They are also just down to earth people who want to be happy, like the rest of us. 

Much to my surprise, they made a sequel to this film, but only one of our main characters returned for that one. I really enjoyed this movie and wouldn’t be opposed to owning it. The sparks were there for me from the get-go, and I was delighted with my movie selection that night. 8/10

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