Romance in the Outfield: Double Play (2020)

Our favourite Christian baseball player, Tyler (Derek Boone), is back for another chance to play ball and find love. 

Sadly, Romance in the Outfield doesn’t live up to the first movie, Pitching Love and Catching Faith. The two most significant issues I had with this film were the side story with Tyler’s sister. She was about to get married (secretly) against her family’s wishes and the lack of chemistry between Tyler and Kenzie (Monica Moore Smith). 

Kenzie may have been the better player than her competition from the first one, but I didn’t sense the sparks fly whenever she was on screen with Tyler. I don’t blame Moore Smith, I blame the writers who took a great story, tried to copy it, and expected the same results. 

The extra stuff, like the sister’s wedding, really took away from the main story and played with Tyler’s emotions too much. He already had enough on his plate. His latest injury ruined his chance to stay in the show. Also, without giving too much of the plot away, he is dealing with the loss of his first girlfriend, Heather (Lala Kent). Then when his old flame from high school, Kenzie, tries for another chance, he has to deal with these new feelings about his past and his future.

I don’t regret watching this movie or the fact it was made, I’m just disappointed it didn’t live up to my expectations. The writers probably thought that by adding more, they would get more. Sometimes less is better. I’d be open for a third installment, but with a much better story that wraps up Tyler’s playing career and sees him finally settle down. 4/10 

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