Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

Florence Foster Jenkins came out in 2016. We skipped the movie during its theatre run because I didn’t think this story was for me. Turns out, I was entirely right. Meryl Streep (Florance Foster Jenkins) was nominated for two Oscars with this performance, in case you didn’t know. 

I understand this story is based on the true story of a singer who had absolutely no talent but the heart of a lion. Streep, along with Hugh Grant, Jenkins’ husband St. Clair Bayfield, do their best to make something out of nothing. This film’s whole purpose is to tell how Jenkins was able to secure a regular singing gig, despite the humility it brought to all those involved. 

I had no interest in watching the film because Rebecca Ferguson had a minor role in it. Her character, Kathleen, was Bayfield’s lover, someone he spent many nights with. Jenkins was not in great health now, and Bayfield needed to take care of needs elsewhere. Some may say he was a playboy and a cheater, but you never sense a romantic or sexual connection between his character and Jenkins. If anything, their “marriage” was for the show.

I got to give credit to the costume designers for bringing us back in time. The sets and outfits were elaborate. For me, that was the highlight of the film. I’ve never been a Streep fan, so I can’t say I was overly excited about her performance. However, I got to give her credit for how she pulled it off. Florence Foster Jenkins won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. People have their reasons why they watched it; others have their reasons why they avoided it. You quite honestly didn’t miss much if you skipped it. 3/10

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