Unfaithful (2002)

Unfaithful takes an in-depth look into the conflicts that arise when a spouse commits adultery. Charlie (Richard Gere) and Connie (Diane Lane) seem to have the perfect marriage. Charlie works in the city and is the head of a security company. Connie meanwhile lives at home on the island with their son. Little did the pair know that one windy day would change their lives forever. 

That is when Paul Martin (Olivier Martinez) will step into their lives and Connie into his bed. The pair embark on a very scandalous affair that will push Charlie over the edge. 

Unfaithful was exciting to watch because it felt so real. I’ve watched Richard Gere and Diane Lane in countless other films but still remember their performances here because I hadn’t seen them in such a role before. The film never gets that graphic, but you can see the love is intense.

You may not know this, or maybe you owned the DVD like I used too, but there is an alternate ending to the story. It involved Charlie getting out of the car at that red light. I’ve always been conflicted about which end should have made it into the final cut. He doesn’t necessarily deserve that fate due to his actions, but who am I to judge. Connie was lucky he stuck around after her affair. 

I convinced my wife to watch this, and I think she is still trying to comprehend what she saw. Like me, it was tough to watch an actor and actress we love in so many other movies play adulters and murderers. It is a jagged pill to swallow, but if you can, I’d recommend Unfaithful. It doesn’t shy away from the concept of affairs, the emotions that build up because of them, and the destruction it brings when it is over. 7/10

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