RV (2006)

Whenever you need something to watch that will have you laughing from the beginning to the end, I’d recommend RV, starring Robin Williams. Known to millions for various Oscar-nominated roles, Williams steals the show as this down on his luck; dad, Bob, who needs to save his job and his family. 

You can’t help but feel bad for his character from the beginning. His daughter Cassie (JoJo Levesque) doesn’t talk to him anymore and doesn’t think he’s cool. His son Carl (Josh Hutcherson) is growing up and only wants to lift weights to look cool. Meanwhile, his wife Jaime (Cheryl Hines) acts like one of the housewives you’d see on some reality TV show. When Bob has to cancel a family vacation to save his job, he decides the best way to save face with everyone is to rent an RV that he can’t drive. The rest is utter chaos.

I still sit back and laugh today at all the problems Bob and the family find themselves in. Instead of being patient, the family overreacts to everything, which just leads to more trouble. Whether it is day or night, the Munros continue down this road trip that seems like it will never end. 

Along the way, the family will meet the Gornickes, played by Jeff Daniels and Kristin Chenoweth. Those two have a heart of gold but are not the Munro’s cup of tea. They always say small doses for the best results, but the Munros can never escape this crazy family, which only adds to their problems. 

Just when you think Bob will save his family, only growing more distant, and his job, which is all but done, the secret gets out of the bag, and the rest of the journey is watching him tumble down the mountainside.  

Somedays, I wonder what a sequel would have been like, how funny it could have been in the Big Rolling Turd. It is still a sad feeling that Williams is no longer with us. No matter how we remember him, I will always cherish his performance in this comedy. 8/10

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