Bicentennial Man (1999)

There is no doubt that Robin Williams made his best movies in the 1990s. I understand there could be a lot of arguments for films later in his career, but his more memorable roles were from that decade.

Bicentennial Man is a personal favourite of mine. I watched it more as a young adult than I do today, but I finally got to introduce Andrew, the android, to my wife. As someone who was finding his own way into the adult world in 1999, I could relate to the subject matter of the film.

Andrew can think for himself, which causes his owners to become very curious about his capabilities and accomplishments if he was to become free. These actions lead to a lot of trial and error in the story. Whether it is acquiring someone’s rights, falling in love, or transforming one’s organs to replicate those of a human, Andrew embarks on this unknown journey with a lot of love and support from those around him. 

Robin Williams brings Andrew to life even though, in the beginning, he isn’t capable of showing many emotions. Williams is so animated, whether it is in a suit or in human form. He can be there to light up a room with his bad jokes or design you something so spectacular it deserves a spot in a museum. 

This is a great story, filled with a lot of tears and laughs. You can really feel the pain, frustration, and heartbreak Andrew experiences on his journey. This unique android, for some unknown reason, could feel and think for himself, which led him down the path to becoming a human. Most humans spend their days complaining about life and how tough it could be. Imagine someone who was born outside of our race and wanted to become one of us. Most people would probably recommend they see a doctor, but not Andrew. He saw all the amazing things that life can bring people, and that becomes his life’s mission.

No matter what obstacles were in his path, Andrew’s perseverance is something to admire. He never took no for an answer, and when things didn’t fall in his favour, he found a way to work through it. I have always considered Andrew to be a great character because he never gave up on his friends or family. If only we all could act a little bit more like Andrew, the world would be a little bit kinder every day. 8/10

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