Twins (1988)

I promise that you do not need to adjust your TV screens when you watch Twins, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are actually twin brothers.

The premise of Twins is pretty funny. I can only imagine the laughs the crew had writing the script. Then when it was time to cast the lead actors in this comedy, I bet the director and producers barrelled over when Arnold and Danny walked in the room.

Twins came out in 1988, which meant I was only six years old. I can not recall the first time I watched this film, but I’m guessing shortly after it was released. It’s been a staple in my viewing habits since then.

The best parts of this film are any scenes that involve Arnold’s character, Julius. This mountain of a man grew up on an island in the South Pacific and never interacted with the modern world. He is a fish out of the water in Los Angeles. Vincent (DeVito) meanwhile is a down on his luck guy who is in deep with the wrong people. It will only take a miracle for him to stay alive and out of trouble.

The story could have stayed the course, long lost brothers reunited, but Vincent discovers a gold mine in the trunk of a car he’s stolen. Twins could have totally gone without that subplot. However, it does showcase the strengths and weaknesses of each character. As orphaned boys, there is also the story arc of the men finding their long lost mother.

I can understand why Twins would be hit and miss with a lot of people. I think this is a classic 80’s comedy that needed a more polished story to be considered legendary. However, the best selling point here is the differences between the two leads. I’d still recommend Twins to anyone who hasn’t seen it. 7/10

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