Tommy Boy (1995)

Chris Farley is a comedy legend. Whether you believe that statement or not is for another discussion. Farley left us way too early, but before he left, he gave us a handful of roles that will live on forever. One of those is Tommy Boy. 

I’ve been watching Tommy Boy since I was 13 years old, and whenever I hear a knock, no matter where it is, I always say out loud “housekeeping.” That is just one of the more iconic scenes from a comedy that most people would roll their eyes at. 

As the film progressed, my wife wondered what garbage I was putting her through, but let me tell you that after the movie, she mentioned that it was pretty good. Tommy Boy won’t be for everyone. There are those out who won’t like Farley’s overzealous performance or that David Spade is like a tag-along friend on a road trip that no one wants to hang out with. You have to give him credit, though, because his character Richard really compliments Tommy Boy. 

The supporting cast is pretty fun, too, with Rob Lowe, Brian Dennehy, and Dan Akyroyd. They are all part of this crazy adventure to sell brake pads. Callahan Auto Parts may not exist in real life, but thanks to Tommy Boy has a cult-like status in the general population where you can buy apparel sporting the company logo. 

Comedies in the 1990s were on a different level than those that get released these days. The regulations on the material thrown into the script were far less restrictive than they are in 2020. Tommy Boy is offensive in so many categories, it would be hard to list them all. However, the characters and story don’t shy away from it, they embrace it. That’s what makes Tommy Boy so successful and makes it relevant almost two decades later. 

I’ve been a fan of this movie since I was a teenager. I may never actually own it, but I will never change the channel when it’s on. We rented it because it’s not on any streaming service, which is a shame. Everyone should want to know if Tommy Boy rescues the company or not. 8/10 

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