The Cable Guy (1996)

When we look back at most comedies, you will notice that specific stories were only successful upon release. The majority of these films have very subjective material that would be hit or miss with the current social trends. The Cable Guy falls into this category. 

It is my humble opinion that Jim Carrey’s most sufficient work was in the 1990s, where he wooed audiences with roles in Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, Batman, and Ace Ventura. Sometimes lost in those comedic roles is The Cable Guy. 

Carrey is teamed up with Matthew Broderick, who is one of the most reluctant friends you’d ever want. No one can blame the guy, it’s not like the cable guy gave any reason to be so warm and welcoming. The two hit it off at first and go on to have some pretty fun experiences. Then things take a turn for the worse, and the cable guy never really grasps the concept of no means no. His corky personality becomes overbearing, and before you know it, he’s pushed away his only friend. 

Instead of wearing his cable company jumpsuit, the cable guy should be outfitted for a straight jacket. I am not a doctor, but this guy clearly has some psychological issues, yet the writers play it off as comedy. The reason why it all works is because of Carrey’s ability to play these outrageous characters. His flair for the dramatics is what people love about him. Whether it is his facial expressions or change of pitch to sell dialogue, most of his comedies only succeed based on his performance. 

The Cable Guy was a hit comedy upon release in 1996. Some films stand the test of time, no matter the subject material. As we revisit some memorable films from years gone by, some will still be enjoyable while others will not. In the past, I enjoyed this film and laughed at the antics. Today I just wasn’t feeling it and couldn’t look past all the flaws. 3/10

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