Liar Liar (1997)

Jim Carrey has had some memorable roles in his career, yet I rarely hear anyone talk about his performance in Liar Liar. As one of the 1990s go-to actors for leading comedy roles, Carrey finds himself here as Fletcher Reede, a greedy lawyer who can’t tell a lie for 24 hours.

As mentioned in previous reviews, I had a crush on Maura Tierney back in the day. She may be the reason why I keep watching the movie, or maybe it’s because I actually enjoy Carrey’s crazy performance for a change.

Fate steps in after Fletcher’s son makes a wish that his dad can’t tell a lie. He’s a jerk from start to finish, so it’s hilarious to watch him struggle through his daily routine after the wish comes true. His life used to be filled with lies and win after win in the courtroom, but this particular day is going to be quite different.

He’s got a critical case to win, yet when the truth comes out his car impounded, he ends up in jail, insults his boss, loses his secretary, all the while missing his kid’s birthday. Oh, and if it wasn’t enough, his wife (Tiernay) is moving to Boston with her boyfriend, taking his kid with her.

I can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but I love watching this movie. I’ve always been hit and miss with Carrey’s performances. For example, I’ve avoided Ace Ventura my whole life because I don’t think I can stand the character; meanwhile, I think he is phenomenal in Dumb and Dumber as Llyod Christmas. Like so many movies out there, the subject material will be hit or miss with audiences. 

I really enjoy this movie whenever I get a chance to watch it. I’m sorry if you watch it based on my recommendation and don’t like it. We all can’t enjoy the same things! 7/10

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