College Road Trip (2008)

In case you didn’t know, my wife and I alternate movie pick at our house. It safe to say that out of the hundreds of films we’ve seen together, there have been many hits and misses. 

College Road Trip would be one of my wife’s biggest misses. She often reminds me of my bad selections, like Wicker Park and Billy Madison; however, neither compare to this Disney movie. 

Raven Symone grew up in the Disney spotlight, and the company tried to get another performance from a former star. In an attempt to draw even more star power to this project, the studio recruited Martin Lawerence. Even though they allowed him to act crazy, which is a Lawerence trademark, he never dropped an F-bomb. 

Lawerence was the original Kevin Hart. His facial expressions and screaming dialogue are what makes people tune in to watch his performances. Also, just like Hart, Lawerence is better when there’s no filter, and he can say whatever crosses his mind. 

As you probably guessed from the film’s title, this story is all about growing up and letting go. Trust me when I say, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. The writers did absolutely nothing to break the mould in this one. If they had altered the course at any point, I could have given this rating a little bit higher, but I just couldn’t. The only scene I enjoyed was when the police car rolled down the embankment. You could see it was coming, and when it did, I laughed out loud.

Maybe you have seen this on the Disney Channel and had a chuckle, or perhaps you didn’t. Viewer beware. 1/10 

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