Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

In case you didn’t know, Major League Baseball returned earlier this summer with no fans in the stands. Many ballparks across America allowed fans to buy cardboard cutouts and put them in their seats. Somewhere out there, there is a cardboard cut out of Bernie Lomax (Terry Kiser). 

After seeing Bernie enjoy the game, I said I should watch that movie again; it’s been ages. Lucky for me, it played on TV recently.

This movie was a pop culture hit in 1989, and Bernie stills hold a special place in our world, almost 30 years after his death. No, I haven’t given any major plot twists away; the poster says he’s dead! What makes this movie entertaining is the all ways the boys, Larry (Andrew McCarthy) and Richard (Jonathan Silverman), will go to extreme lengths to make it look like Bernie is alive and well. 

I understand that our taste in comedy was different decades ago. This movie was successful, making back double it’s $15 million budget and leaving a legacy of memes and spoofs. There is really only one Bernie in film, and he’s alive for about 20 mins of his career. I had totally forgotten how much of a jerk he was. For years I’ve laughed when I see something about Bernie online; however, after a recent viewing, this guy totally deserved what he got. 

My tastes in comedy and movies have changed. I want to say I enjoyed this movie when I was a kid; however, in 2020, this movie was not that entertaining. The only reason why I would recommend this movie is so that everyone can experience what a wild weekend at Bernie’s can be. Although, as a critic, I can’t say this comedy is worth someone’s time today. If you still have an itch for the 1980’s comedy, then you’ll be fine. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you may not be a fan and hate me for recommending it. 3/10

One thought on “Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

  1. One of my all-time faves because of my first name, but it’s an 80s one-trick pony, no doubt. Still, the nostalgia and shameless move-the-stiff around humor packs an innocent punch compared to the vulgarity and raunch of today’s comedies…

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