Weekend at Bernie’s II (1993)

I’ve seen my fair share of movies, and many of those movies have spawned sequels and franchises. It is safe to say that most of these movies deserved a second story, while others leave you asking why did this ever happen. Weekend at Bernies II would fall into that category. 

It would be generous of me to call this film one of the worse sequels I have ever seen in my life, but even that is being too kind. 

This movie was painful to sit through. I will probably stay up all night and wonder why the main characters from the first party, Bernie (Terry Kiser), Larry (Andrew McCarthy), and Richard (Jonathan Silverman), would agree to be a part of this project. Bernie died in the first one and is STILL dead in this one. Why they thought they could revive him through some magic voodoo powers is beyond my comprehension. Some comedy skits work once, maybe twice, but using a dead guy as a live person is a one-time deal.  

Weekend at Bernie’s is a movie; maybe people can look back at and chuckle. They may say something like, “oh yeah, the movie with the dead guy who hosts a party.” That’s how people remember the first one. If anyone has bothered to watch the second one after all these years, may look back and say, what a terrible way to leave off the characters. 

If you’ve popped by to read reviews over the years, you’ll know that no matter how terrible a movie is, we refuse to give it a zero-rating. Weekend at Bernie’s II deserves such an honour. There was no party. There was no beach house. And the main character, the story is centred around, is still dead. What a lame excuse of a sequel. 1/10

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