Meatballs (1979)

Meatballs was on TV the other day, and I said, why not. This summer camp movie was Bill Murray’s first time as a headliner in a major motion picture. After several years honing his craft on Saturday Night Live, it was Ivan Reitman who gave Murray his big break.

I am not sure if this movie would be considered a cult classic since most Murray fans consider it one of his great performances. His career would only blossom from here and include several award nominations and wins; however, people seem to come back to this one when you look back at his comedy roles.

It was a tough decision to review this movie because I’m sure someone will stumble across my thoughts and question my taste in film. I hated Meatballs. It was so slow and tedious, lacked the energy to keep me engaged in the story, and wasn’t funny at all.

The entire time I watched the scenes at summer camp, all I could think about was the majority of Friday the 13th movies. You will probably argue with me that these are two completely different genres and themes. I am not comparing either film; I am just saying that it’s usually at night when I think of summer camp, and a killer is stalking innocent kids from the brushes. The only “camp” movie I enjoy is Addams Family II.

The biggest problem with my dislike for the movie is the difference between the release date (1979) and today. My taste in comedy is more on the raunchy side, which didn’t pack the punch I thought it might have. The film was probably a hit back when the appetite for comedy was not at the levels it is at these days.

I don’t mean to offend anyone who loves this movie; it just wasn’t for me. Maybe you have more positive things to say and would be a better recommendation than this. 1/10

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