Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

I am not a huge fan of reading, yet I love to collect books. However, if there is one book I have read more than once, it would be Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. I am not sure I could put a number on it, but I’ve read it probably a dozen times since I was a teenager. I do own it in paperback and on audiobook.

Last year HBO decided to give the classic book and 1966 film a remake (which I will cover in another post). Despite what I feel about the book and the new movie, there is no denying how good the 1966 film is.

This incarnation of the iconic book stays faithful to the material. My only major gripe with the film is it does not include the mechanical hound that lives in the firehouse and plays a vital role in the finale.

The rest of the characters stay faithful to the source material, which included Guy Montag (Oskar Werner), Linda Montag (Julie Christie), Clarisse (also Christie), and even Captain Beatty (Cyril Cusack).

One of the best aspects of the project is the sights and sounds. The score builds the suspense and aids when the fire truck races to the scene of the crime. Even though the movie was filmed in the mid-1960s, many futuristic elements were brought to life. The sliding doors reminded me of Star Trek, which was one of the first productions to use the feature.

I have always been fascinated with firefighters of the future. Considering everyone knows that firefighters put out fires, it is fascinating to see how they start fires and prosecute criminals.

It would be really tough to be in Montag’s position, back then and even today. Humans as curious people, hence why we continue to explore the furthermost reaches of the galaxy. So to live in a pre-fabricated world where there are no books, it would be hard to not be curious. I’m still undecided about whether I would want to throw my life and career away for it, but sometimes we are called upon to do something for the greater good. 7/10

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