Big Daddy (1999)

I’ve been an Adam Sandler fan for a long time. It’s pretty cool that he was born in New York City, my favourite place, and graduated high school in my home state of New Hampshire. So far, out of all the films he’s starred in, my favourite role of his would-be Danny McCabe in Just Go With It, followed by this comedy Big Daddy. 

Many fans and critics hate Sandler’s work and think most of his roles are over the top characters who are crazier than a pack of raging bees. I can concur that some of his parts, like Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy is just so bad that I can’t even watch them, but then he gives you a role like Sonny Koufax. 

Sonny had an attractive girlfriend who thinks he’s never gonna grow up. Then a little boy, Julian McGarth (Dylan/Cole Sprouse), ends up on his doorstep; Sonny decides this will be his break to show everyone he’s ready for the next step. 

Big Daddy features Sandler’s good friends, Rob Schneider, Leslie Mann, Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, Allen Covert, Steve Buscemi, and Jon Stewart. This 1:33 long movie is packed with non-stop laughs. Whether Julian peeing on buildings, wetting the bed on a nightly basis, or the unorthodox ways he prepares for his upcoming school play, this unlikely comedy duo will have you burst out laughing and then crying your eyes out at the end. 

I love this movie and still enjoy it 21 years later. This movie is all about growing up and is written in such a fun way that we get to see two people change their lives for the better. Some of the raunchy stuff may not be suitable for the kids; however, adults will breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that Sonny Koufax is not their kid’s babysitter. 8/10

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