Feel the Beat (2020)

Feel the Beat is leaps and bounds one of the best Netflix original movies to date. I’m not even speaking such high praise because I enjoy watching Sofia Carson movies; it’s just a great story. 

This tale about a ragtag team of cheerleaders competing for a National Championship is cute, charming, and hilarious. The story works so well because April (Carson) is back in her hometown after blowing her chance on Broadway. She’s so reluctant to be involved with the girls out of embarrassment that she’ll fight them every step of the way. 

It becomes pretty evident from the beginning that April will use the girls for another chance at the bright lights. She thinks that running practices like the military will get her somewhere, but instead, it just causes a whole new set of problems she’s not equipped to deal with.

I loved this story because the acting is excellent. Whether or not the girls can dance is not the point. I am not even a parent, but I appreciate all the work they put into their routines. They are learning and growing with impressionable minds. The girls see what they can accomplish through April’s success, that they start to believe in themselves. 

I can’t praise this movie enough because it was heartfelt and inspiring. Even though the story and main character are predictable, it provides a happy ending. Feel the Beat can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you’re a small kid who inspires a dancer or an adult who appreciates a good story about second chances. 9/10

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