The Encounter: Paradise Lost (2012)

It is no secret that I have seen some terrible movies in my time. The Encounter: Paradise Lost is the latest entry on that list. 

As mentioned in a previous review, I enjoyed The Encounter series, which came out four years after this film’s release. Now looking back, it is simply amazing that the series could go into production after Paradise Lost. 

The first movie featured a variety of characters who were all lost in their journey with God. That is half the story in this one. It is not that these characters lost their way; they are just lost. There’s nothing to them. D.A. White is a DEA agent who is tracking a drug trafficker, who ends up working for a boss, who is stuck on an island. Oh yeah, a hurricane is coming to destroy the hotel all the characters find themselves at. 

The dialogue and acting were cringe-worthy. I couldn’t find myself invested in the movie or the characters at all. The message that Jesus is always there, you just need to reach out, is not the strength of this movie. Bruce Marchiano gives his worse portrayal of the man he has become known for playing on several occasions.

Christian films have rarely had that blockbuster film to really get people interested in their content. The Encounter: Paradise Lost is the type of film that would turn away any potential new fans from the genre. I would be alright with recommending the series, The Encounter, and the first movie of this series. However, what I can not do is recommend this movie to anyone. Avoid it at all costs; you’ll be thankful you did. 1/10

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