Saw III (2006)

The games in Saw have been the mastermind of one man, John Kramer, also known to the world as Jigsaw (Tobin Bell). As we have come to learn through a thousand flashbacks, John has cancer and is dying. That’s where we find ourselves in Saw III. 

As the serious continues to go deep and deeper into gruesome traps, the writers have also upped the parallel storylines that involve Jigsaw. He’s dying, and his work isn’t done yet. Amanda (Shawnee Smith) is next in line for the crown, but does she have the strength to handle the current situation as it unfolds. 

Meanwhile, somewhere out in no man’s land, Jeff (Angus Macfadyen) slowly makes his way through the game. Unlike anything we’ve seen to date, the current player is significant to the final outcome. If you love to watch Kill Count on YouTube like we do, it is so hard to watch this movie again and not think of “slow ass motherf***er Jeff.” There are t-shirts and buttons if Jeff is one of your favourite characters. 

This film features two intertwining plots, but don’t hit close to home like the victims in IV, V, VI, and VII do. Yes, this game is about overcoming the pain and suffering of losing a loved one; however, it is only personal to Jigsaw because of the current state he finds himself in. 

Some may consider this particular chapter a great entry and an intriguing way to end the Jigsaw character. But any horror movie fan knows that he’s not really dead and will be revived in one way or another for more sequels. If memory serves right, this was the first Saw movie I watched in theatres and struggled to watch someone’s head get cut open by a saw. Who knew the deaths and carnage would also get worse, I mean better, from here. 5/10

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