Scream 4 (2011)

There is much debate in the film community on whether the world needed a Scream 4 or not. The franchise had been nonexistent for 11 years until Wes Craven dusted off his knife collection and brought Ghostface back to life. 

It is hard for me to remember which Scream movies I watched at the theatre, but there’s one thing for sure, I was there on opening weekend for this one. It is safe to say that I am a closet Scream fan, someone who will watch the movies every now and then, yet will never bring the saga up when talking about my favourite horror movies. As mentioned before, I respect Scream’s place in the horror hall of fame, but I thoroughly enjoy other slasher films like Halloween and Friday the 13th. 

Some may point out my preference for film productions, usually falling for the latest film in a series, and never a big fan of remakes. Scream 4 may be my favourite film of the Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) series. Unfortunately for me and my generation, Scream got shoved down our throats with three films in four years and a handful of comedies based on the films. Hollywood had a great idea and flushed it down the toilet because of their desire to flood the market with their content. 

The aspect I love most about this story is the performance of Emma Roberts. (Spoilers) When the reveal comes that she is behind the mask, she nails the psycho killer routine. Out of the four killers to date, she is my favourite. Probably one of the least expected twists, some will say she was marked from the beginning, while others were shocked by the turn of events. Her dedication to the role of the victim is epic. She goes to great lengths to make sure she is a lone survivor, yet suffers one memorable death. 

Fans will brace themselves as it has been announced that Scream 5 will take place, and all our favourite survivors will be back in Woodsboro. It will be interesting to see where Sidney’s journey will take her and if Ghostface will finally finish the job once and for all. 7/10

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