I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

What happens when you rush a film in production? Usually, nothing good. Hot off the success of I Know What You Did Last Summer, the writers hoped to capitalize on the instant success and decided to continue the story of Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Ray Bronson (Freddy Prinze Jr.). 

In case you didn’t see the first film, these two were the remaining characters of a revenge murder plot. Originally they were part of a group who killed a guy, only that he didn’t die, and he spent the following summer hunting and killing people. 

Fast forward yet another summer and many post-traumatic dreams later, Julie wins a trip to the Bahamas, where Ray can’t come save the day. Just when you thought she’d be safe from any killers, come to find out he’s on the island too! Many exciting chases through the impending hurricane and kills later, Julie finally gets a chance to come face to face with the man she’s “killed” twice now. 

The first movie was exciting because they spent the entire time painting every character as the killer. This time around, you know who the killer is, so there’s no shocking reveal there, or did they try to pitch us a curve in hopes of salvaging a rather lacklustre vacation story. 

Many innocent people die in this film, and quite frankly, there wasn’t a need for this chapter. Things ended nicely on a cliff hanger in the first one and did nothing to step this one up. Not every horror movie needs a sequel because nothing psycho killer deserves the opportunity to kill again. 3/10

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