Scary Movie 2 (2001)

It is sad what some people will do for a paycheck. Let’s use Tim Curry as an example. The famous actor with two major roles to his resume must have been hard up for cash since he’s one of the main characters in Scary Movie 2. 

Anna Faris returns as Cindy Campbell and finds herself stuck in a haunted house where scary stuff doesn’t happen, just utter nonsense. She’s joined again by Regina Hall’s character Brenda, who died in the first film. There are no rules to these movies, so just because you die in one movie doesn’t mean you can’t come back for another one. The two girls also get to enjoy the Waylon brothers’ company again, who reprise their roles again.

This sequel took aim at such classic horror films as The Haunting, The Exorcist, and The Amityville Horror, to name a few. The themes all featured movies about hauntings. 

The worse part of this movie had to be the character played by Chris Elliot. He is the disfigured butler of the mansion and ruins any scene he’s in because of his acting. It was over the top, and a lot of his gags were gross. 

I wish I could tell you this movie was on par with the original or any better. The audiences may have gone out and spend money on watching this film (myself included), but critics across the board disliked the sequel by giving it a 15% rating on RottenTomatoes. We don’t grade films by percentages here, but we feel just about the same. 2/10

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