Scary Movie 3 (2003)

When we started our review for Scary Movie 2, we pointed out that desperate someone had to be for a paycheck to take on a role in this movie. Next up to the plate is Charlie Sheen, who can be a decent actor when he tries despite his personal life issues.

Scary Movie 3 will be Tom’s first appearance, and he’ll go on to star in the next three movies. He is joined again by franchise mainstay Cindy Campbell, played by Anna Faris, and Brenda, played by Regina Hall. In case you are as confused as we are, Brenda has died in both movies to date. Maybe three times will be the charm, and this obnoxious character will finally stay dead. 

This comedy aims to poke fun at a handful of movies, but the big three are Signs, The Ring, and 8 Mile. Two of them would be considered horror movies, while 8 mile is musical biography but totally worth spoofing. 

The pop-culture references are hit and miss from here on out. Whether or not you’ve seen the movies that story takes aim at, it really won’t matter; the comedy just isn’t there anymore. What used to be funny is now overdone and played out; it’s just not entertaining. 

Although one fun note to point out. Kevin Hart, Anthony Anderson, and Jeremy Piven have minor roles in the film. I would chalk them up with Tim Curry and Sheen for desperate for money; however, these guys were still launching their careers in 2003, so sometimes these guys will take what they can get into the business. 

Critics consider this third movie a step up over the sequel, and I wholeheartedly disagree. The first Scary Movie is still the best, and the content has just been watered down ever since. 1/10

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