Scary Movie 4 (2006)

Scary Movie 4 is one of the worse sequels to any movie ever. Even though the franchise could lure back Anna Faris (Cindy Campbell) and Charlie Sheen (Tom) along with Anthony Anderson and Kevin Hart, the main storylines are just terrible. Somehow Brenda (Regina Hall) is back again, and she’s joined by Doctor Phil and Shaquille O’Neil in minor roles. 

This fourth installment focuses on three major film spoofs, which included The Grudge, War of the Worlds, Saw, and The Village. None of those stories have anything in common so to see them intersect in a comedy movie makes even less sense. 

As a fan of the Saw movies, this mockery is a travesty to that iconic franchise. The Village is thought-provoking, and the twist at the end was quite a shock, so to watch it unfold here just isn’t the same. We already know the ending, so the comedy doesn’t work in this one. 

Personally, I thought the stories were only getting worse as these movies progressed, and I have to wonder where the bottom of the barrel is. There is a lot of content out there to make fun of, and the writers continue to make odd choices with the content they wish to mock. 

My advice when it comes to Scary Movies is you can watch the first one and avoid the rest. Things have gotten so far off track that the people who originally started the franchise, the Wayan brothers, have stepped away and launched their series of horror movie spoofs. We don’t know how good or bad those movies are, but they can’t get any worse than this. 1/10

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