Scary Movie V (2013)

Scary Movie V is the end of one of the worse franchises you could ever watch. You can tell how bad things had gotten for these movies when the main star, Anna Faris, finally had enough. She handed the reigns over to Charlie Sheen, who can only do he does best these days, nothing. 

I consider this fifth installment to be the absolute worst because of the writers’ stories tried to spoof. As a fan of the first Paranormal Activity, this mockery doesn’t even convey the significance of what those movies could do. I would agree that Mama (starring Jessica Chastain) may not have been a good movie; however, it is thrown through the wringer in this one. If you had no interest in seeing that horror movie, this particular film would push you away for sure. 

My biggest gripe with this film is the Rise of the Planet of Apes. As a massive fan of the Apes saga, this scary movie parodies with just cringeworthy. Those movies are not even considered horror flicks, so why they ended up here makes no sense whatsoever. 

Thankfully this is the last movie from the Scary Movie franchise. It’s been seven years since this film’s release, and the production company doesn’t really put out any new content nowadays, so unless decides to revive this story and its crazy characters, it is safe to say the lights have gone out on this one. 1/10

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