Fragiles (2005)

My wife suggested that I watch and review the movie Fragiles, which came out in 2005 and starred Clarista Flockhart. It is a scary movie set in an old hospital where things continue to bump in the night. So please stop me if you’ve heard it all before. 

Amy (Flockhart) transfers to a run-down children’s hospital just hours away from closing because the maintenance is almost unbearable. She quickly bonds with a little girl named Maggie (Yasmin Murphy), who claims to have seen the building resident ghost. As the boxes continue to pile up, so do the children’s injuries, all of the injures fractures, which delay the inevitable move. 

To discover something they didn’t need to discover, Amy breaks down several times, and the hunt begins to solve the unknown. 

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, everything about this film was predictable and uninteresting. We’ve all seen the same recipe played out two hundred times before. Something makes a noise. Those who don’t believe in ghosts think it’s all nonsense. Then things begin to change, and people die. The doubters turn a page and welcome theories; only it’s too late to solve the real problem—Blah blah.

I had never heard of this movie, and there’s probably a good reason behind it; it was nothing special. Old buildings are always a ghost magnet, and despite some creepy stuff happening in the past, they always return to haunt until they find peace thanks to a modern-day character. 

I will give Flockhart credit because I have rarely seen her perform in anything outside of Ally McBeal. I was too young to watch and understand that show, so I had nothing to base my observations on. She was tame and wild at certain parts of this one, which worked given the circumstances. I’m not saying her performance is worthy of an award or two, just the fact that she was a believable main character with a boatload of problems made the story interesting. 3/10

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