Titanic (1997)

Somewhere in my closet is a portfolio of artwork from high school. Also tucked away inside, there is a project on Titanic that I did for drama class. It makes me chuckle that I did the project since I never stood in line to see this epic film during its initial theatre run. However, I did venture out to see the release in 3D a few years back. I just wanted to be able to say I saw this Oscar winner on the big screen. 

Titanic is one of my generation’s longest movies, and it doesn’t disappoint. By now, any fan of the movie or the Titanic is well aware of the symbolism that director James Cameron crafted into the story. Whether it is the detailed put into the glassware or the sinking’s length, Cameron put these actors through the wringer with his passion for the project. 

Some people are not fans of this Oscar winner. They have various reasons for their reasons, yet the biggest one is the fictional romance that the entire story hinges on. Jack Dawson (Leo DiCaprio) and Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) meet on the maiden voyage, and a forbidden romance blossoms as the water. Begins to bring the grandest ship to its grave. 

I think there is a reason why this movie is fondly remembered. It’s not just the performances; it’s the surroundings. Cameron and his crew did an amazing job bringing the Titanic to life. We all know this was built on a sound stage somewhere and isn’t real in any sense of the word; however, you are drawn right into the action. through great cinematography and performances 

This story will make you happy and then break your heart in the end. There will be minor characters who will impact your emotions on the same level as the main characters. You’ll love and hate so many people and aspects of the story but will not be able to look away. You will keep getting sucked in and be on the edge of your seat until the final lifeboat makes it to New York. 9/10

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