Prom (2011)

It brought a great deal of sadness when going through my movie collection to find out that I have never reviewed Prom, one of my favourite movies. Now, this wouldn’t fall into the top 10; however, I could definitely find a spot for it in the top 25. I enjoyed this Disney movie so much I went to see it several times at the theatre during its initial run. 

People have always questioned my taste in movies, and Prom will be added to a long list of those films. 

I love the characters, the preparation for the prom, the laughs, the heartbreak, and the innocence of it all. I really enjoy all the interlocking stories and how they play off each other without becoming overbearing on one another. 

A prom is a significant event for high school seniors. It serves as one of the last major events of their lives before graduation. Hanging out with friends before and after the dance is one of the final times that most of them get back together. 

Disney did a great job showcasing how stressful it is to find a date, pick the perfect outfit, as well as the event planning that goes into making a school dance into a magical night. 

There are a handful of budding romances and established couples in the film. Love is just as important to the overall theme of the movie as the prom is. My favourite couple is Nova (Aimee Teegarden) and Jesse (Thomas McDonell). They are complete opposites, based solely on perceptions, but together they make an amazing couple. Jesse is supposed to be a badass with a chip on his shoulder. However, deep down, he’s a great guy with a huge heart. Nova can get through that jaded persona he’s built up, and their meet at the water fountain is one of my favourite moments of the film. 

I fully understand that the themes in this story are tailored towards teenagers. The messages can also be enjoyed by families with young or teenage kids. A lot could have gone wrong with creating this movie, but like mentioned earlier, I think the writers did a bang-up job. As I always say, some films won’t be for everyone. 9/10

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