Deep Impact (1998)

In some marriages, couples argue over chores or money. In my house, our debates are usually centred around movies, and sometimes they run deep. Deep Impact will be one of my wife’s favourite movies of all-time, yet I was never on that bandwagon. I am a proud member of the Armageddon fan club because I think that movie is far superior to Deep Impact could ever be in the genre of end of the world themes. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. This movie has one great thing going for it – Morgan Freeman as President of the United States. No matter what role he takes, you can always expect a masterful performance, poised with respect and dignity. That is what Freeman brought to the role of President during an Extixtion Level Event. He was the calm voice of reason as the world embarked on the end of days. 

As the asteroid heads towards Earth, the story focuses on a news anchor, Jenny Lehner, played by Tea Leoni. Her rise to fame is all thanks to discovering the greatest kept secret in American history. Meanwhile, her personal life is a disaster and will end up as a feel-good moment as the tidal wave approaches. 

There are a handful of other characters that get a well-drawn out story. Whether it is fellow news reporters or the kids who first discovered the asteroid, there are plenty of happy endings and feel-good moments. Something that isn’t really touched upon is the millions of lives lost when rock met the ocean at a thousand miles an hour. I understand that movies are meant to focus on the good, and the ending really accomplishes that. One of the lasting images for me is when the President gives a speech on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, which is under construction again. It reminded me that no matter what happens, humans can recover and build again. Life will go on. 7/10

On a side note, I just want to point out that no matter how technological humans get, it always makes me chuckle that we think we are powerful enough to prevent the world from ending. 

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