Red Eye (2005)

It is hard to create a compelling drama on an airplane. The environment is very tight, and there isn’t much room to move and perform. Those shortcomings didn’t stop Wes Craven from giving us another thrill ride. 

Rachel McAdams is Lisa, a hotel manager, who is on a flight with a good looking guy named Jackson. He is played by Cillian Murphy, one of the most handsome bad guys you could draw up. 

There’s an interesting connection to why Lisa is a target, but the details slowly unravel as the drama intensifies. 

You won’t be able to recall Red Eye if someone asked you to name a McAdams or Murphy role; however, there is one scene that should stick to everyone’s mind. After spending most of the movie negotiating a way for both characters to walk away from this mess with what they want, the two finally engage in some physical activity as the plane begins the deboarding process. 

In an attempt to break free and gain some space, Lisa stabs Jackson in the throat with a pen. The scene is memorable for various reasons; one of them is Jackson’s resourcefulness to keep breathing and moving. 

The entire story arc involving Lisa and the hotel is a little over the top, but it would make sense for mercenaries who want to kill a foreign diplomat. RPG attacks are not commonplace in the United States, so these events may take a few by surprise. I am surprised that this type of occurrence doesn’t happen more often. 

Red Eye is a short movie, clocking in at only 1:25. You could argue that’s not enough time to sell a compelling drama, yet, I would disagree about this particular film. I think if you gave Red Eye a chance, you will be entertained and won’t be disappointed. 8/10


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