Return to Me (2000)

At first glance, like most people, you probably thought a romantic comedy starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver would be a bomb. Let me tell you that Return to Me, written and directed by Bonnie Hunt, is one of the sweetest movies I’ve ever fallen in love with. 

Driver plays a young woman named Grace, who needs a new heart. Meanwhile, Duchovny is a widower who stumbles across Grace while on a blind date with a nightmare. There’s an instant connection between the two, and instead of dating, start a courtship. Little do they know, their connection goes much deeper than the surface. 

Although filmed in 1999, Return to Me seems old fashioned. However, the minor characters, like Grace’s dad Marty, played by the late great Carroll O’Connor. His best mates include Angelo (Robert Loggia) and Emmett (Eddie Jones). The trio play cards every night and debates the classics and who the man is, Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jr. They are a barrel of laughs, and everyone acts as a father figure to grace, so of course, Bob (Duchovny) needs to pass their tests. 

Through brilliant writing and acting, you can really feel the natural romance blossom between the two. When secrets come to light, it is heart-wrenching to see these two great people split up. Time heals all wounds, and when you feel so strongly about someone else, you can’t just give up.

Like I’ve said, I love this movie and only watch it once in a while, so the shine never wears off. I want to laugh and cry with all the characters as they navigate through one of the most unique romances you’ll ever encounter. 9/10 

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