Hitch (2005)

I love the movie Hitch, which stars Will Smith, Eva Mendes, and Kevin James because it is current, funny, and charming on various levels. 

There may be a hundred films about dating, especially dating in New York City, yet this one stands above and beyond the rest. 

The chemistry is instant as Smith, and James’ characters provide the comedy relief, while when Mendes and Smith shared the screen, the attraction is just too hard to ignore. 

One of the biggest reasons why the story works is James is a clumsy guy who is in love with someone so out of his league that they play two totally different spots. Smith, meanwhile, is a smooth talker who has every move planned out and seems to be the smartest person to ever date, yet is single. Mendes is a skeptical reporter working on a story to break her career wide open. She is open to Smith and his charm, yet is always one foot in and one foot out. All four of our main characters, including Amber Valletta as Allegra Cole, all come from different backgrounds and all see love from different perspectives. 

Dating in the early 2000s was quite a different ball game. Online dating was just establishing itself as the best way to meet people, while speed dating was also a unique way to meet. However people chose to find love in 2005, Hitch stuck to the basics, good old-fashioned in-person connections. 

These people are real, with real emotions. They are cautious, curious, and adventurous. Throw in some comedy, funny moments, and passionate kisses, and you have a hit comedy on your hands. 

Hitch easily falls within in my top 20 romantic comedies of all-time, which is why I give it such high praise. 9/10


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