Hope Floats (1998)

In case you didn’t know, here’s a fun fact about my movie collection. Growing up, we didn’t own many movies on VHS; however, by the time DVDs came out, I was a teenager with my own spending money. I received a DVD player on my birthday and five movies to start my collection. Hope Floats was one of the original five. 

If I was to start my collection today, Hope Floats might not be included in the first purchase. Time has a way of changing our interests, and if they are not deeply rooted, they can change. I used to have a crush on Sandra Bullock but have since moved on. I still have a soft spot for romantic movies, and this one is not all mushy; it’s just realistic. 

Bullock’s character goes through a terrible and messy divorce that leads her home, where she was the cream of the corp and homecoming queen. It’s far from a warm welcome since her mom is still a little crazy (Gena Rowlands), and her daughter is a handful (Mae Whitman). She’ll try to pick up the pieces of her life and move on until she meets an old flame (Harry Connick Jr) who is the best looking guy in the county. 

As mentioned in a previous review about fate and destiny, sometimes things happen for a reason and at the worse possible time. Hope Floats showcases the struggles people face when they see the life they had crumble. I think Bullock does a fantastic job with this role. For someone who had it all, she can’t really adjust to the nothing she left behind. 

They say time heals all wounds, and Hope Floats will take you down a two-hour journey about recovery. You’ll chuckle, and you’ll bail your eyes out. No one would ever want to be in Bullock’s character’s shoes, yet you will marvel how this single mom turns it all around. 7/10

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