A Perfect Christmas List (2014)

Christmas can be a very stressful time of year for any and everyone. When you factor in all the major points that cause most people to avoid the holiday altogether, family drama tends to be the top item on everyone’s list. 

In A Perfect Christmas List, family drama and the standard misinterpretation of a story are the major points the story focuses on. 

Sara (Ellen Hollman) doesn’t want to see her mom; however, her grandmother is sick. In an attempt to get the whole family back together, granny Evie (Marion Ross) will give her daughter Michelle (Beth Broderick) and Sara a list of things she’d love to see them do together before she “dies.” 

Friction is the major stumbling block for the two, who are concerned for their dying grandmother. As the two try to stay humble and put differences aside, they realize ways to improve their relationship and wonder where it won’t wrong in the first place. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but A Perfect Christmas List plays out exactly how you would have thought. The story hinges that no one actually gets clarification from the doctor about granny’s proper diagnosis. There would be no making up, no laughs, and no drama because Sara would have bolted when everything turned out to be okay. 

At no point did I get heavily invested in any of the characters, nor did I laugh at anything. My wife rolled out a laundry list of Christmas theme movies to watch in preparation for the holiday season. As of this writing, this one was the worse so far of 2020. 1/10

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