Santa Girl (2019)

If you were to do some research on the movie Santa Girl, you wouldn’t be surprised to see that this percular Christmas movie doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. It is hard to say that speaks to the quality of the movie or that the production company just didn’t bother with promotion. 

Santa Girl is one of the weirdest and most poorly produced Christmas films I’ve ever seen. The acting was cringeworthy, the special effects involving Jack Frost were downright laughable, and the story was far from spectular. 

Santa’s daughter Cassie (Jennifer Stone) wishes to live a normal life and enrolls into college…in the real world. She’s going this to experience life for the first time before she has to go through an arranged marriage to Frost’s son JR (Joshua Cody). As fate would have it, this naive girl is out of her element among the mortals and falls in love with Sam (Devon Werkheiser.)

Cassie’s life is filled with pressure, from her dad, school, and Sam. JR meanwhile is sly about his real identity and Jack Frost used his money to hire Sam as a “stalker”. Like I said, this story is so weird, definitely not a kids movie, thanks to it’s dark story angles. 

I can’t imagine what the writers were thinking when Santa Girl was in the works. Arranged marriage is out of style these days thanks to the stigma surrounding it. Hiring people to stalk college girls is out of this world creepy. Using a forced love trinagle to win over audiences is so overrated and overused that you just want to turn it off to make it all go away. 

I was warned before we hit play that this movie was going to be bad. I just didn’t expect it to be so bad. The only element of the story that I enjoyed was Sam’s character. He had a big heart and even though he messed up by taking money from Frost, he always had the best intentions for Cassie. 

Overall I wouldn’t recommend Santa Girl to my worse enemies, so take my word for it when I say watch any other holiday ever. 1/10

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