A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018)

Netflix is one of the most powerful production companies in the world. They have access to amazing talent and writers who can really give the viewers the best of the best, yet somehow even they managed to screw up their crown jewel. 

A Christmas Prince was a decent rom-com and was so successful that Netflix went all in and built their first franchise on Amber (Rose McIver) and Richard (Ben Lamb). 

After getting engaged in the first film, these two love birds embark on a journey towards their wedding that will destroy their relationship and leave them to question whether or not they want to follow through with their decision. 

What irked me about the sequel is all the forced drama between characters. Whether it was Amber butting heads with the royal wedding planners or Richard fighting with his own government to save his country. Meanwhile, Simon (Theo Devaney) is back and up to no good yet again. These films do not need a villain; however, Simon seems to be the bad guy every time. 

I was supportive of the first film, which I thought would have been fine as a single film. The fact that Netflix wanted to strike while the iron was hot was what led to their downfall. They watered down the content and tried to force as many complications as possible into a short time frame. As the story progressed and the pointless conflicts just grew out of hand, it was really frustrating to continue. 

Netflix has decided to carry on the sage of Aldovia and plan on a sequel to this second film. My hope is they improve upon the story because this particular entry was the one the weakest productions the company has launched. 2/10


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