A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (2019)

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is the third and so far final entry into a king and queen series in Aldovia. 

Rose McIver (Queen Amber) and Ben Lamb (King Richard) continue their blissful life as rulers of a tiny country in the middle of nowhere. After getting married, Amber is pregnant with the first royal baby. There’s really only one major problem, Aldovia has this mysterious treaty with a foreign country, Penglai. 

The first film featured a plot to overthrow the king’s coronation. In the second film, the new king is sabotaged as he attempts to keep his country’s economy alive. Now in this one, he has to worry about keeping his crown if the treaty isn’t signed by a particular day and time. 

There is sure a lot of unnecessary drama for a series that is supposed to be a romantic comedy—backstabbing family members, make-believe curses, partnerships that make no sense, and unheralded personal drama. Amber and Richard are supposed to be happy, yet every movie seems to be torn apart just for the sake of dramatic storytelling. Of course, they patch everything up and live happily ever after, but it is just so surprising that their relationship is put to the test at every turn. 

These two services are really the king and queen of Netflix since they are the only ones with three movies to date under its umbrella. Their story is also featured on several other Netflix original movies, while the pair show up in a cameo in one of their latest holiday movies. 

For me, it is quite surprising that Netflix still parades these two out there and continue to give them new movies. I enjoyed the first one, but the last two have been difficult to watch. I don’t know who thought that the more drama between characters would equal quality television. If you look up the ratings, this third one comes in with worse scores than the previous ones. 

The Royal Baby film was a little more toleratable to watch than the first sequel; however, this franchise better finds some new writers if it truly wants to be considered good. 3/10

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