Christmas Wedding Planner (2017)

When it comes to holiday movies, you can’t get any more cornball than Christmas Wedding Planner. Kelsey (Jocelyn Hudon) is planning the wedding of the Christmas Season, which also happens to be the first event of her new business. The stress of the holidays, the fact that the bride, Emily (Rebecca Dalton), is family, and a private investigator circling the event, may make or break Kelsey’s new career.

Connor (Stephan Huszar) is fresh out of a modelling catalogue and right into this story. He’s conducting an investigation into the husband to be, who may have a shady past. Kelsey doesn’t believe a word of his story since he is Emily’s ex-boyfriend from college. There is a bunch of misdirection and misinformation in this one that ends quite differently than you would have expected. Yes, Connor crashes the wedding and crushes Kelsey’s heart in the process. Come to find out, though, there was a reason behind all the shadiness of the wedding.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was probably because the characters were likable. Kelsey and Connor make a great pair, whether solving mysteries or falling in love. There was undeniable chemistry between the two leads, and it showed when they shared the screen together. Since this is one of the holiday movies you’d find on W or Netflix, you knew what to expect going in. What matters to me is not how bad or predictable the story is, but how good the characters are. 

I’d recommend the Christmas Wedding Planner because it was funny. As I’ve mentioned before, there are many horrible other Christmas theme movies you could be watching. I think if you chose this one for a date night, you wouldn’t be disappointed. 8/10


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