The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

It is okay if you think I am a sucker for the obvious, especially when it comes to romantic comedies. Last year Netflix provided me with one of my favourite original movies, The Knight Before Christmas. 

It has always amazed me how writers try to mesh two characters from different eras into a modern story. It has worked sometimes, and in other cases, like Kate and Leopard, it bombs out. One of the reasons why the theme works in this particular film is that the two leads, Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse, have great chemistry. 

Based on the old fashioned version of love, there is a sense of innocence to the entire story. Sir Cole is straight from medieval times and believes in courting a lady before making her his bride. Brooke lives in the modern world where love and romance are just not thought about like in the old days. No one courts anyone anymore, and “love” can be found by simply clicking on someone’s picture on a website. 

These two meet by chance, and of course, everyone in Brooke’s social circle thinks it’s a cute and funny ruse; however, the truth is hard to ignore. I loved to watch them interact and grow together, accepting one another for who they truly are. 

The aspect that really won me over was the ending. After returning to his original life, you are left to wonder whether or not Sir Cole will come back to rescue Brooke. Then there is the fact the story ends on a sort of cliffhanger, leaving everything open for a sequel, a sequel I would be fully on board with. 

As I’ve said many times in other reviews, I was skeptical that this movie would be something I enjoyed. I was completely wrong because I loved this movie. I wish Netflix would put their time and energy into a project like this instead of some of the ideas they’ve rolled out recently. 8/10

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