The Princess Switch (2018)

I am not here to break the glass on Netflix’s new lightning in the bottle; I just want to put a crack in it. 

The Princess Switch is another classic romantic comedy where the lead characters swap lifestyles and find love when they least expect it. Usually, these films feature a pair of twins in the title role, yet Netflix rolled the dice with Vanessa Hudgens, who does not have a twin. Thankfully, advances in technology allow one actor to be in the same spot simultaneously, making this particular modern take a little more believable. 

I don’t think this is the worse switch movie you could watch, yet it will definitely stretch your imagination. It is almost absurd that Stacy (Hudgens) would be invited to a world-famous cooking contest in Belgravia, the same place her doppelganger happens to be. Oh yeah, Lady Margaret (Hudgens) is soon to be a queen too!

When they discover each other, they agree to switch places. I understand this is fictional, yet it appears to be way too easy for the switch to occur. No matter how bad things are in life, are you so quick to agree to switch with a complete stranger? This is all supposed to happen because of the story, but come on, make it more believable. 

The only character I feel the worse for is Edward (Sam Palladio), who never catches on to the switch and has to be one of the most unpersonable people to ever ascend to the throne. The fact that he doesn’t have much of a personality allows Stacy to come in and change his image without any major consequences. Even though she is not really the queen to be, she injects a bit of life into the royal family that was too old school. 

My favourite part was the toy store sequences, where Stacy and Edward go buy hundreds of toys for the kids without parents. When Stacy finds out the home doesn’t have the funds to buy presents, she makes sure the kingdom does what it can to give those kids a night to remember. It speaks volumes about her character, one that is thoughtful and caring. 

Much like A Christmas Prince, Netflix appears ready to roll with this story and plan on fillinh your holidays with future installments. 6/10

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