Christmas with a Prince (2018)

When I walk down the aisle in a store that happens to sell magazines and books, I am always caught by surprise by the amount of romantic content available. You all know the books I’m talking about, too, the one with the shirtless guy on the cover who is all sweaty from working. Those images appeal to a certain demographic, hence why the books are still written and sold. They are literally a dime a dozen, and even I feel like I could write one in a week.

Meet Dr. Tasha Mason (Kaitlyn Leeb), who used to go to boarding school with the Prince, Alexander (Nick Hounslow). They never got along, and even though there is some romantic interest from one side, it’s been all but a disaster. 

Alex breaks his foot, and because of the exclusivity of Tasha’s hospital, he’s gonna crash the Christmas season and spend it with kids who are going through difficult cancer treatments. Always a showboat with no interest in being seen as a caring person, Alex will transform his life in a matter of weeks to win over the admiration of the kids and the girl he is madly in love with. 

We decided to take a chance on this film and spent the majority of the time bashing it. The entire production was terrible. The acting appeared so forced since no one had chemistry whatsoever. The story is rather silly, in the sense that the Prince is treated like a baby the whole time. His personal bodyguard is laughable, and the drama created by his stay amount hospital staff is unnecessary. 

By far, Christmas with a Prince has been the worse holiday movie I’ve seen in 2020 and probably in my life. Even with the sappy happy ending, I do not find myself compelled to recommend it to anyone. Please watch something else. 1/10

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