Broadcasting Christmas (2016)

For the entire month of December, I have had little to no say in the Christmas movie selections my wife has chosen. However, when I noticed Broadcasting Christmas on Netflix, starring Dean Cain and Melissa Joan Hart, I convinced her that we need to watch the film since I am very familiar with both of their careers. 

I was delighted that as the movie progressed, we both sat on the couch and laughed. The story has a few predictable moments, yet there is also a lot of moments you won’t expect or see coming. Yes, our two leads were once lovers turned bitter rivals, but another shot at glory will work a miracle during this particular holiday season. 

There is no denying the chemistry between Emily (Hart) and Charlie (Cain). Both have amazing appeal in front of the camera. Whether it is reporting the local news or covering a personal interest story, they manage to bring out the best in another, even when they are not working together. 

I enjoyed the story, which included a surprise twist at the end. The competition was fun, and the characters brought their “A” games to the morning show. The writers didn’t need to use Emily and Charlie’s past as a crutch to keep us entertained; the feelings and emotions from their breakup came naturally. Their future is just as important as their past, even when secrets come out. You can see that both characters really care about each other and their careers, which makes them the early morning power couple. 

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I can guarantee there are worse holiday season movies you could be watching. If you have taken the chance to watch Broadcasting Christmas, you may be delighted with an original story that is both predictable and refreshing at the same time. 7/10

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