A Very Country Christmas: Homecoming (2020)

Sometimes you think the worse is over and then something else happens. That would be a great way to describe the third movie in this franchise, A Very Country Christmas Homecoming. 

Zane (Greyston Holt) is still a country star, sort of. He’s not touring anymore although he’s very concerned with his public image on social media. Jeannette (Bea Santos) meanwhile is still running a small business and preparing for Christmas, when her former father-in-law returns to town after 11 years. 

If you thought there was forced conflict in the second movie, A Very Country Wedding, well hang on to your cowboy hat, this stuff is about to get crazy. 

John (Rob Stewart) lost his son and has no family left except Quinn (Raven Stewart) so he’s going to inject himself into her life and muck up Zane’s plan to adopt her. There’s a whole bunch of sabotage between the two males. John wants Quinn to know her dad and spends most of the movie injecting ideas of how he would have done this or done that. 

I can’t forget to mention the reporter who gets in Zane and Quinn’s face, only to act all injured after his camera gets smashed. It destroy’s Zane’s public image which causes more unnecessary drama for him. He was once one of country music’s greatest artists. He’s lost all of his mojo and let’s so many outside factors ruin everything he’s building for himself. 

You’d be surprised that they cut the run time for this third movie by 30 minutes, yet still found the time to fill the story with more minor characters who don’t need to be in the movie. 

We laughed to ourselves several times over because all the dialogue seems really forced. Every time Zane and Jeannette talk, they say I love you, I’m so lucky to have found you, and other stuff like you’re amazing. I’m all for a good sappy romance, but they sugar coat all their lines and I just didn’t have the stomach for it. 

I want to tell you this is a series worth watching. Sadly it is not. I’m curious on how many books there are and if there will be a fourth movie, yet I don’t feel compiled to look it up. Stay clear of anything with “A Very Country” in front of it. Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier. 1/10

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