Death to 2020 (2020)

Unless you were living under a rock or on the moon, I’m sure you saw what happened to the world in 2020. Life as we knew it changed this year, and someone needed to document it. Netflix stepped up to the task and decided to take all the serious events we all experienced in one form or another and sprinkle some comedy on it to lighten the mood.

Samuel L. Jackson is a New York Times reporter, and Hugh Grant is a history professor. They are joined by Lisa Kudrow, a Trump supporter, while Kumail Nanjiani is the richest person. Leslie Jones is there to give you a therapist’s opinion of the events, while Samson Kayo will try to explain the science behind the pandemic. A handful of outrageous characters will entertain you for an hour plus with their opinions of the world as we knew it in 2020.

The past year was hard on many people, and those people witnessed their lives turned upside down. Lucky Hollywood, I mean Netflix and a thousand other streaming services did not stop operating, so they can provide entertainment as a distraction. That’s all Death to 2020 is. It’s a satire of real things, told with just a bit of social commentary. I can totally see many people get upset at the content covered in the film and how it was presented. They have a right to feel that way; however, we sat there and couldn’t stop laughing. Historians may one day look at this particular film and consider it a masterpiece since everything said in the dialogue is true.

Most of the stuff that occurred in 2020 made no sense to anyone. Whether it was the world leaders or the common voters, everyone was upset at something too big or too small. People in foreign countries spend more time laughing at other ones because some of the stuff that occurred was just crazy.

There is a lot to learn from 2020, and it would be great if the human race can move forward, but sometimes it is the blind leading the blind. Everyone is excited that the ball dropped on 2021, but just to be that guy, January 1 will be just the same as December 31. Nothing much changed overnight except the date. Happy New Year! 7/10

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