Soul (2020)

Soul was another 2020 summer blockbuster that got pushed to the end of the calendar year. Originally slated as a theatre release, Soul found its way to Disney+ on Christmas Day. 

Joe (Jamie Foxx) is a talented music teacher who is also an amazing jazz piano player. He is just waiting to catch a break on the club scene to leave teaching. Unbeknownst to Joe, he has a gift to inspire through his teachings.

22 (Tina Fey) is a lost soul who has never found her passion for earning her Earth ticket. After a series of unfortunate events, Joe finds himself in the afterlife and is mistaken for a brilliant doctor. He’s tasked with helping 22 find her passion in the Great Before or find his way to the Great Beyond. 

In an attempt to bypass the entire system, 22 and Joe agree to go down to Earth, off the books and see what they can work out. The comedy gets turned up from the moment the two land since Joe is now a cat, and 22 is now Joe. 

It was nonstop laughs as the pair try to navigate the streets of New York City, hours before the biggest gig of Joe’s life. Meanwhile, somewhere along the way, 22 finally figures out the final element she needs to earn her ticket. 

As humans, we always take time for granted. We also spend a lot of time complaining about how little time we have. Most of us never take the time to appreciate everything around us. Soul aims to jam all those emotions and thoughts in one animated film that clocks in at 1:49. 

People chase their dreams, or what they think are their dreams. Most of us also believe we have a purpose in life. Joe would be a jazz piano player no matter what life threw at him because that’s what he believed. Come to find out, he had another magical gift that he was blinded to see because of his burning desire to just be a pianist. It also took a visit to the great beyond and a friendship with a lost soul to see the brighter side of life. 

Like most Pixar movies these days, you’ll laugh, and you’ll probably cry. Soul continues the legacy of amazing films that deserve to be nominated and win best (animated) picture of the year. 8/10

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