A Nice Girl Like You (2020)

A Nice Girl Like You stars Lucy Hale, someone who has grown on me as an actress. My wife watches Pretty Little Liars; however, I know that I am not a TV show guy. I’m mainly familiar with her work in films, which includes this hit comedy about sex. 

Lucy lives her life through hand-made lists. If it’s not on a list, her life turns into utter chaos. After getting dumped for lack of imagination in the bedroom, Lucy decides to list 12 sexual consequences she hopes to accomplish. When I say consequences, I don’t mean she plans to sleep with more guys; instead, she wants to attend a toy story party, go to a strip club, meet a porn star, and use dirty talk in between the sheets. 

As with most romantic-comedies, when our main character is embarking on a new quest in life, the love of their life steps in and mucks everything up. Grant (Leonidas Gulaptis) is a handsome guy who discovers Lucy yelling dirty words in a bathroom. The two reconnect a few times and go out on a few dates, including attending a sex talk where the two end up on stage. 

A Nice Girl Like You is short and has all the highs and lows of thousands of rom-coms before it. There’s the meeting, the courting, the misunderstanding which leads to a breakup, and the reconnection. It’s all cookie-cutter, but the subject material is off the charts. 

It is safe to say there are many comedies out there based on sex. However, there is not a long list of movies from a women’s point of view. I feel this movie will be an absolute hit with the ladies, who can live through Lucy’s experiences to dig deep into their dirty little secrets. Sadly, like myself, the guys may not appreciate the film and the material as much. I laughed out loud a few times, yet my wife couldn’t stop laughing. I was probably more excited for the movie because of the lead, yet my expectations were not met when it was said and done. 5/10

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