Annie Hall (1977)

It may have taken the majority of my adult life, but I think I just found the new, worse movie I’ve ever seen. Annie Hall had to be the most uninteresting movie I’ve ever sat down to watch. 

I’ve never been a fan of Woody Allen or his works, so I dreaded watching this movie from the get-go. Then the movie started. I didn’t like his constant complaining, how he broke through the fourth wall to talk directly to us, and how the man couldn’t keep a stable relationship to save his life. He was so boring and carry with him so much baggage that he would have never been a successful comedy. Alvy (Allen) was not funny, and even if he had a creative thought in his mind, he let all his relationship and sexual problem cloud his mind, thus ruining all those “funny” thoughts. 

Diane Keaton played Alvy’s love interest in the film and in real life. They say that this film was specifically written for Keaton, which I can’t say was a good or bad thing. She’s had an amazing career with a few awards to her name. I just had a hard time watching her fumble away her performance in this one. 

Annie Hall was preserved for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” and ranks high on many movie lists in America. I could read all that information and process it to the best of my ability; however, not a single word would have the power to erase the 93 minutes I wasted on this garbage. 

I’ve watched many movies from the 1970s to the present day, and the genre that I enjoy the most is films focused on love and relationships. I’ve seen them all, good and bad ones, yet nothing to this level. Even the average cheesy rom-com from the 1980s depicted better relationships than Alvy and Annie (Keaton). 

I wish I could say that I witnessed all the drama and intense relationship conflicts here, but I just didn’t. None of the characters were engaging enough for me to care about their issues and their lives. I understand that Woody Allen is an acquired taste and his projects are not for everyone. I want to watch Manhattan one day because it’s set in New York City, but rest assured, that may be the last movie I ever attempt to watch of his. 1/10

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