Going My Way (1944)

Going My Way won Best Picture in 1944 and made Bing Crosby one of the biggest box-office draws of the decade. I mean no offence to Mr. Crosby, the Catholic church, or the writers of Going My Way, but this was one extremely boring movie. 

I was interested in the story at the beginning when Father Chuck O’Malley (Crosby) just gets to New York and stumbles his way to the parish, where he meets Father Fitzgibbon (Barry Fitzgerald). The two mix like oil and water, which causes the old patriarch to try his hardest to get rid of the new guy.

O’Malley was sent to this church to save it from closing and push Fitzgibbon into retirement. He’s got some crazy ideas, including building a choir with some boys in the neighbourhood to keep them out of trouble. This vision goes against everything Fitzgibbon has done in 45 years, and the duo continues to struggle to connect.

Eventually, the two begin to bond and build up the church. Just when everything is running smooth, and the church choir is recruited to perform on Broadway, O’Malley is reassigned, and the church burns down. Together, the two fathers, who never got along, agree to be in each other’s lives to rebuild the church.

Going My Way was a pretty good story with lots of heart; it just wasn’t for me. It was too slow and boring. People could argue that the characters were interesting; however, I never got invested in them. There are a handful of songs sung by Crosby and the boys, which, once again, were nothing spectacular. 

I enjoyed the first half when O’Malley was first getting his feet wet. It was fun and amusing. Then the story settled in and got uninteresting really fast. I probably would have never watch Going My Way if it wasn’t for this Best Picture project. Now that I have, I don’t plan on watching it again. 3/10

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