Mulan (2020)

Mulan will always be remembered for one reason, and it’s not because of the breathtaking cinematography. The latest blockbuster for Disney will always be associated with COVID-19 because it went from the big screen to the small screen and for a price much higher than a regular movie ticket. Subscribers to Disney Plus were dealt … More Mulan (2020)

Tommy Boy (1995)

Chris Farley is a comedy legend. Whether you believe that statement or not is for another discussion. Farley left us way too early, but before he left, he gave us a handful of roles that will live on forever. One of those is Tommy Boy.  I’ve been watching Tommy Boy since I was 13 years … More Tommy Boy (1995)

RV (2006)

Whenever you need something to watch that will have you laughing from the beginning to the end, I’d recommend RV, starring Robin Williams. Known to millions for various Oscar-nominated roles, Williams steals the show as this down on his luck; dad, Bob, who needs to save his job and his family.  You can’t help but … More RV (2006)

The Climb (2002)

We all like to judge things by their cover. I selected The Climb as my movie choice the other night because I was interested in an adventure. Well, I decided wrong. Sure, there was some adventure, but not like what I was hoping for based on the film’s synopsis. Our two lead characters, Derrick (Jason … More The Climb (2002)